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Youngstown Distributors

Our Story

Family owned and operated since 1983

Youngstown Distributors started out 5 generations ago. What began with simply grapes on a vine, has now turned into a multi integrated unique operation. 

The family has expanded into farming stone fruit, pomegranates, and citrus. In addition to farming, they are at the forefront of fresh cut operations and cold pressed juice.


Our Mission

Local Family Farm

We are rooted in the “Picnic Basket of the World” also known as Reedley, CA.  It is our mission to share the fruits grown on our family farm for generations with the world.  We are committed to choosing premium fruit, harvested during peak season to craft each of our products.  We infuse our knowledge of the fruit with technology to create an array of products for our customer to enjoy whether its fresh off the tree, in a cold-pressed juice or a cup of fresh cut pomegranate arils.  Each brand is a representation of the hard work, care and obligation we have to our land and loyal customers.  Join us on our journey from seed to storefront.  

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